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Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan

The Pakistan beauty industry has seen ups and downs of its time but has been flourishing recently. With the best makeup brands in Pakistan providing affordable and high-end options to its consumers, the makeup industry is booming.

Let’s discuss some of the best makeup brands in Pakistan and what they offer.

1. Medora

There cannot be a single woman in Pakistan who does not know about Medora or has not heard of it. Almost every woman in Pakistan has tried their most affordable, long-lasting, high-pigmented formulas at least once in their lifetime. Their lipsticks are the most loved product of all.

2. Kryolan the Best Makeup Brands in Pakistan

Who does not know about the Kryolan TV paint stick in Pakistan? It is one of the most recognized professional makeup brands and one of the best makeup brands in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of products including powders, concealers, foundations, and much more. It provides flawless coverage and is a popular choice among professionals as well.  

3. Masarrat Misbah Makeup

Masarrat Misbah is a brand that prides itself on being cruelty-free and halal-certified. The products are light in texture and last long after application.

4. Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK is one of the best makeup brands in Pakistan and an affordable one offering foundations, eyeshadows, and lipsticks, among others. It has become quite popular, especially among young ladies who want to buy trendy makeup at a cheaper price but do not want to compromise on quality.

5. Zhoosh

Zhoosh is one of the relatively new Pakistan-made makeup brands that have become famous for their innovative and unique products. Zhoosh produces products such as color-changing lip balms and blushes personalized to the user’s skin tone.

6. Glam Girl

Glam Girl is a well-known Pakistani makeup brand that is famous for its trendy and affordable products. Glam Girl offers you high-quality products that embrace the latest trends in beauty. Their eyeshadows are vibrant and pigmented and provide the intense color payoff desired by makeup enthusiasts.

7. Entice Cosmetics

Entice Cosmetics is a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly makeup brand focusing on producing products using natural and organic ingredients. The skincare-infused makeups are the trademark of Entice Cosmetics, as they offer foundations, lipsticks, and blushers not only to enhance one’s beauty but also to treat skin conditions. Additionally, they lack chemicals that may irritate sensitive skin.

8. CoNatural

CoNatural is a local and one of the best makeup brands in Pakistan specializing in organic and natural skincare and beauty items. CoNatural ensures that all its products are free from artificial colors, preservatives, or fragrances as part of its commitment to sustainability and fair-trade practices.

9. Atiqa Odho Brand

The Atiqa Odho Brand is named after Pakistan’s renowned actress and make-up artiste, Atiqa Odho. Making a comprehensive range of makeup products like foundations, eyeshadows as well and lipsticks, this brand emphasizes the creation of multipurpose products that suit various skin types and tastes. The Atiqa Odho Brand has gained repute due to its budge-proof high pigmented formulas which result in a perfect look.

10. Alezem Beauty

Alezem beauty is a luxurious makeup brand that fuses science with beauty for innovative products. Alezem Beauty has several skincare-infused cosmetic items that not only enhance the look but also provide long-lasting benefits to the skin.

11. Beautify by Amna

Beautify by Amna is a Pakistani makeup brand established by beauty influencer, Amna Farhad. They are popular for having highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes as well as liquid lipsticks that last throughout the day. The brand creates its products based on quality and affordability, thus making its target customers any lover of makeup irrespective of their budget.

12. Bare Epitome

Bare Epitome is a Pakistani cosmetic brand that primarily focuses on minimum and natural makeup products. Bare Epitome offers products in a collection of nudes and neutrals to enhance natural beauty without appearing overbearing. Their foundations, blushes, and lip products create a subtle and effortless look for daily use.


The makeup industry in Pakistan has seen an impressive increase with various brands meeting the demands of consumers. From cheap options to expensive, you will find something just right for you. There are more diverse brands available now than ever before, giving Pakistani women more options and the best makeup brands in Pakistan when it comes to choosing their ideal makeup items.

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